Fresno Go Club

How about a friendly Game of Go?

Current Status of Club

The club is not currently meeting, However I am currently looking to establish who and how many I can expect to to be a base for getting the club going again, and what I hear back will determine the specifics of resuming group meetings; this means we will likely only do so if I receive enough feedback. If I don't think there will be enough regular attendees, I will just try maintain things as more of a way for Go players to get in touch.

If you are interested in playing or learning to play, feel free to contact me to see if we can arrange a meet.

If I've directed you here personally, it was most likely for something in the links area (top right), or for contact information:

by phone at 209-214-9872

Last Update: January 2020

The surrounding Game Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming documentary.


The Go subreddit has been a little more active these days so I thought I'd just put it out there for those of you might be interested.

Go makes an appearance in Tron: Legacy

Watched this last week, and noticed Go makes a small appearance in the  new Tron movie; doesn't get named but at least it's another reference point that can be used.

   I so want to build this table...

When President Hu Jintao of China arrives at the White House this Wednesday, the U.S. go community will be there

President Obama brought President Hu a go board and glass bowls when he visited China last year, and has invited Feng Yun 9P, who donated a set of go stones given to her when she left China, North Carolina’s Frank Salantrie – who made the board — the West Coast glass blower who made the bowls, and American Go Association President Allan Abramson and AGA Board member Paul Celmer to participate in the arrival ceremony. “Obviously, we’re incredibly thrilled and honored that go is playing such a visible role in this high-profile event,” said Abramson. “With the game emphasizing the long view, as well as trades between the players instead of all-out victory, we think go is the perfect metaphor for better relations among all people.”

A Note on length of Meetings

Though our meetings have been start at 7pm, they have continued until closing, at about 11pm, so don't worry about arriving later in the evening, it's not at all an issue.

I'm also trying to arrange some games outside the club to try and give it more exposure, so if you're interested, just let me know.

First Club Meeting (a Posteriori)

I was worried about both, too many people showing up ( based off of site stats), or not enough people showing up (since there were only two other people I knew would be there beforehand), but It worked out fine, a good number arrived, and there was more equipment than people, so nobody had to wait around to play. 

It seems that we have 4 or 5 people I can expect to be regulars, and 4 or 5 more would make me very confident about the longevity of this club (from attrition and hiatuses).

Most of the people who showed had prior experience with the game, and were glad to see something put together for Go players to find each other, Our new player also took to Go very quickly.

Note: If you plan on coming to the next meeting, please send a message letting me know what experience you might have, and if you'll be bringing your own equipment. 

Books and Studying

I'll be contacting the local Borders and Barnes & Noble to try and get them to start carrying some of the books I mention in this post. I've seen that they already have introductory books, but most will very quickly advance past these. 

Generally, the best way to improve is to play and review games with someone 3-4 ranks above your own. They will be strong enough to point out specific ways for you to get better, but not so strong that they try explaining things which you don't yet have enough experience for. Playing allows you to apply what you've learned rather than just accumulate a lot of theoretical knowledge, which will just fade without use.

Core Library Materials and Supplements (ChiyoDad)

I liked the Beginner and Elementary Go Series and the Learn to Play Go Series, The former being a little more advanced.

You should be able to find most of these books on Amazon, YMI, or Yutopian, or Kiseido.

For online Study, I suggest 

Sensei's Library (Beginners)

 Sensei's Library (Advanced)

 Go Problems



Some people have asked me about finding Go equipment so this post is to help out. 

These are two good links listing Go equipment suppliers if you want to browse yourselves:                                                                                                  Sesei's Library

AGA Distributors

There are some Sets on Amazon for less that $20, which are going to be much like those found locally at John T's (Vintage Faire) and Game Preserve (Tower District). Theses are great introductory sets, but they are smaller than standard Go equipment.


 I've bought most of my own equipment at YMI. They strike a nice balance between quality and price. They also often have good (if short lived) deals (e.g. I bought a set of double convex yunzi stones with bamboo bowls for about $40 not too long ago, which was a steal, but no longer seems to be available.)

Yellow mountain Imports

I'll post again soon about finding books.

Once We Get Started

TI have a few things I'll likely bring up at a club meeting, once I see we have a large and stable enough group, but I thought I'd post some of my ideas here ahead of time.

 Meeting Twice Weekly - For those of us who already love the game, I'm sure meeting just once a week isn't enough, of course people can meet outside the club meetings, but quite a few people have already told me that as interested as they are, Tuesdays are no good for them. The venue for the other day might be different as well.

 Study Sessions - An add-on to the above. Instead of meeting to play, meeting to study, review, or go over professional games as a group. 

 Trips - There are classes and tournaments held regularly in other areas, and making a day/weekend trip to say, San Fransisco.

 Playing outside once in a while - Once the weather is a little cooler I'd like to meet at a local park or the like and play outdoors.

 Shinzen Cultural Fair - There will be a culture fair & Fall festival this November, at the Woodward Park Japanese Garden, and I'd love to have the Fresno Go Club set up a booth and demonstrate Go there.

First Club Meeting (a Priori)

The Fresno Go Club will start meeting weekly, on Tuesday at 7pm, at Revue Cafe starting September 7th

Note: If you'd like to play or learn more, but can't make it to the meetings, feel free to send a message to see if we can arrange a meet.

If you've never played before, I encourage you to come down and see if you like it.

If you've played before, or have your own equipment, it would help for you to bring it with you if possible, as the club only has a handful of sets.

If you want to buy your own, I've seen introductory sets locally at Game Preserve (Tower District) and John T's (Fashion Fair).

If your looking for a nicer set just search for equipment at the AGA, or Sensei's Library sites under links. I've bought most of my equipment at Yellow Mountain Imports, and have been satisfied with everything to date.

Sublime Go

Here are a few non-instructional article about Go.                             

Learning to play Go

A very nice looking explanation of the basics of playing Go:

Learn Go interactively: